Senior Care Centre

Geylang East Senior Care Centre (GESCC) is a one-stop service centre that provides integrated day care facilities to seniors who are living in the community. The objective of our Day Care service is to provide a holistic experience for elderly who require care arrangement while their family members are at work. Our 3 programmes encompass cognitive stimulation activities to engage the seniors and promote “ageing in place”.
Maintenance Day Care (MDC)

MDC is a full day programme where seniors are cared for in a Centre-based environment while their caregivers are at work or respite to their family members. The seniors get to participate in various social activities to maintain their general physical and social well-being inclusive of 3 meals a day.

Dementia Day Care (DDC)

The objective of DDC programme is to slow down the deterioration of the affected Client’s physical and mental functions; and to support the affected Clients in the community. It is an integral part of a comprehensive management plan for Clients with dementia. We provide structured group and/or individual activities inclusive of 4 meals a day.

Day Rehabilitation Care (DRC)

The aim of rehabilitation is to improve the individual’s functional status to the maximum level medically possible and allowing them to regain his/her abilities and remain active in the community.

Operation Hours

Mondays to Fridays 8:00am to 5:30pm (Closed on Weekends and Public Holidays)

Admission Criteria
  • Ambulant or semi-ambulant
  • Able to carry out activities of daily living independently
  • Not suffering from any infectious disease and/or severe mental illness, behavioral disorders
  • Recent medical report
  • Referral documents from Agency for Integrated Care (website: / Tel 6603 6800)